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2019 Participating Vendors

Boynton Beach CRA District Vendors

Retail Vendors

  • J. Wells Enterprises
  • Apparel 4U
  • Migdalia
  • Lively Lights
  • Hottees
  • WearRaw
  • Reel Native
  • Armory Quest
  • Blue Butterfly Artistry
  • Tropical Parrot-Dise
  • TiagoArt
  • Ocean Breeze Skincare
  • Mermade in the Shade
  • Dawns leather Treasures
  • Armoured Wolf Productions
  • Abby's Psychic Readings
  • Dirty South Life
  • Royal Manor Winery
  • Pirate Fashions
  • Raven Works
  • Wolf Den Imporium
  • The Filthy Mermaid
  • Pirate Life
  • Steam Dream Treasures
  • Rajasaurusrex
  • Get Stoned
  • Lovemaille
  • Ocean Nirvana
  • The Closeout King
  • Sirena Sea Gems
  • Sea Skin Inc
  • Trendy Toes Custom Fit Toe Rings
  • Heroes Four Hire
  • Philosophers Stone
  • Dred More Plunder
  • Lets Play Dress Up
Note: We are no longer accepting vendors.

Food Vendors

  • Driftwood: Roasted Hummus, Fish Dip, Pulled Pork & Chip
  • Boardwalk Italian Ice & Creamery: Cotton Candy, Italian Ice
  • Boss Tacos: Burritos
  • Farmlife: Kettle corn, Sweet/unsweet tea, Arnold Palmer, Strawberry & mango lemonade, Tea/lemonade/fruit
  • Travelers Wheel: Snow cone
  • Kettle Corn Hut: Greek gyros, Chicken pitas, Greek salad (meat optional), Crab cakes, Coconut shrimp, Funnel cake
  • KP Concessions: Sausage, Burgers, Philly cheese steak, Chicken tenders, Fries, Hot dogs
  • Icy Delights: Italian ice
  • Farm Fresh: Roasted corn
  • Melted Madness: Variations of grilled cheese, Patty melt, Grilled chicken/mozzarella cheese/avocado, Smoked cheddar, Cheese fries
  • Guaca-Go: Guacamole made fresh, Large avocado halve, 8 toppings with chips
  • Smoker 61: Turkey legs, Chicken, Ribs, Brisket, Pulled Pork, Greens
  • A Couple of Nuts: Sugar/cinnamon roasted nuts, Assorted nuts
  • Joey's Ice Cream: Soft serve ice cream, Shakes, Cotton candy, Snow cones
  • Alpine Fruit Ice: Arepas, Kabobs, Frozen lemonade, Fresh lemonade
  • Omusubee: Ume, Kimchi, Chickpea Curry, Chicken Karaage, Miso Pork, Tuna Mayo, Hickory Salmon, Shrimp Tempura, Green Tea
  • Inika (vegan/veggie): Vegan Turnovers, Spring Rolls, Grape Leaves, Vegan Samosas
  • Jugo Boss: Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Juices
  • Shadrach's Fiery Furnace: Pizza
  • Que Rico: Grilled Chicken Kabobs, Steak, Pulled pork & Ham, Steak Or Pork, Chicken Sandwich, Rice & Beans, Pastellios with Chicken Or Beef, Plantains

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