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Green Means Go

Date: Oct 26, 2019
Talent & a broad range of musical influences has brought these four musicians out of hiding to pursue a lively musical performance & the best raw talent to ever hit the South Florida stage! Each member from different factions, of a sleuth of different music spectrum & genres, came together to create the band "Green Means GO!" Each band member is not only versatile with their instruments, but also powerful with their vocal abilities,along with performing on numerous amounts of different instruments. Rock & Roll to its' truest form is what they aim for, from the modern music of today's latest rock sounds to the basic roots of their classic retro rock influences. When "Green Means GO!" performs, they infuse themselves with the audience to become the"Life of the Party"! They bring emotion & electricity to the crowd with their amazing talent & pure spirit. "Always remember your roots ethnically & musically when performing!" That is the motto of the band whenever they write original music material, or when they perform their influential scores of their favorite national acts. Their music & performance is a way to bring people together to escape from the everyday conundrums of life!
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