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Cu Dubh & the Taiko Drummers

Date: Oct 26 - Oct 27, 2019
The sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling dual bagpipe like you’ve never heard before. Tribal warrior music at its best, The warrior music lives on through a new generation. This is true Old School Heavy Metal music. Viking. Pagan. Celt. Raider. Lover. Fighter. Like a boot to the head: thunderous crack with ringing harmonies. Music for the warrior in all of us. Grab your sword and go.

From the Highlands of Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Brittney, Ireland, Wales, Germany. Raise a glass to your health. The Warriors are coming. The Old Ways are Back. The long boat is here. The Runes have been cast. The tribe is back. The wolves are loose.

Brought to you by musicians who have dedicated their entire lives to the study and knowledge of music. The music is hot, the drums are pounding and the pipes are screaming. The pulse is throbbing, the blood is quick and the battle is good.

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